24 Feb 2019

Reflections on Food Not Bombs Tokyo's First Meeting

On February 24, a small group of FNB Tokyo volunteers met for the first time. Together, we discussed numerous matters pertinent to starting our chapter. Below is a summary of this meeting.

Contacting Food Sources

We decided it’d be appropriate to start by speaking to workers at local bakeries, grocers, health stores, and possibly even restaurants. A proposal was made to look into “ethnic” markets.

Visiting Local Soup Kitchens & Shelters

We brainstormed locations that we could bring collected food prior to establishing regular meals. These included everything from large NGOs like Second Harvest Tokyo to other grassroots collectives like Nojiren and Tokyo Spring. We plan to contact them individually.

Locating a Kitchen

It was decided that for the short term future, basing our judgement on Food Not Bomb’s Yokosuka’s current operational model, it is realistic to rely on cooking at home and on location (with supplies from the aforementioned Yokosuka chapter). We intended to network further such that we may eventually locate a usable commercial kitchen.

Weekly Meal Location

Here’s a list of locations that were brought up:

  • Shinjuku Central Park
  • Sanya area
  • Ueno Park
  • Ikebukuro
  • Yoyogi Park

We will conduct further research before making a final decision.

Banner Making

We planned to get together to make banners on March third (Sunday). We plan to speak to local event spaces to try to select an appropriate location.

First Event

Proposals were made to make a “music-y” event centered around US imperialism in Okinawa.

Critiquing This Meeting

The location was a bit inaccessible, and we did not do a very good job at publicity. These are things to potentially address in the future.


An individual who attended this meeting is no longer welcome at Food Not Bombs Tokyo, due to inappropriate conduct. We will not tolerate harassment at our meetings; our community should be a safer space.

Thank you, solidarity forever.