About Us

Food Not Bombs is a non-hierarchical, international, intersectional, inclusive, and nonviolent collective. We are dedicated to direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence. Our purpose is to address the needs of our community, and build powerful networks of solidarity and mutual aid.

We organize creative events, share free vegan meals to anyone, provide hot meals at demonstrations, set up literature tables to provide information about food, peace, and justice, and more.

We make decisions by collective consensus, without formal leaders or headquarters. We are inclusive of marginalized individuals and groups. We share food that is always vegan and free, without restriction, rich or poor, stoned or sober. We respect a diversity of tactics in activism, and seek to do everything we can to empower our community.

In Yokosuka, and now in Tokyo, we join a global rebellion against war, poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Join Us

Because... FOOD is a RIGHT not a privilege! Because there is enough food for everyone to eat! Because SCARCITY is a patriarchal LIE! Because a woman should not have to USE HER BODY to get a meal or have a place to sleep! Because when we are hungry or homeless we have the RIGHT to get what we need by panning, busking or squatting! Because POVERTY is a form of VIOLENCE not necessary or natural! Because capitalism makes food a source of profit not a source of nutrition! BECAUSE FOOD GROWS ON TREES. Because we need COMMUNITY CONTROL. Because we need HOMES NOT JAILS! Because we need....FOOD NOT BOMBS

If you wish to join us, you should attend our meetings in person! If you wish to be a volunteer, please be sure to be on time. You may also receive updates of our events via RSS, Twitter, or Mastodon. Finally, if you wish to receive occassional email updates regarding upcoming events, please email us at hello@fnb-japan.info indicating your desire to receive updates!

You may also help us by pitching in to complete our tasks listed here! If you wish to donate materials, we can always use (vegan) food ingredients, anarchist literature, and clothes in good condition! Finally, please spread the word and share our events with your friends!