22 Mar 2019

FNB イベント

Picture of a bowl with vegetables inside, two hands are visible putting more vegetables into the bowl.

冊子を配布 3月29日201(金)

  • 新宿中央公園前, 都庁前駅の近く
  • 準備: 19:30
  • スタート: 20:15
  • (詳細)

16 Mar 2019

Planning Our First Creative Event

Picture of a sign being held at Shinjuku which says Henoko New Base NO! Taped to the sign is a banner of the FNB logo with the hand painted in trans pride colors and the carrot in the anarchist communist colors of black/red. The banner also says HANDS OFF OKINAWA on the side.

Food Not Bombs Tokyo is planning a creative event this coming summer to raise awareness for our organizational efforts and express solidarity with the indiginous Ryukyuan people of Okinawa.

18 Feb 2019

Meeting, February 24 2019

Food Not Bombs Tokyo is going to have our first meeting this Sunday (Feb 24, 2019)! The meeting agenda is available here; in this meeting, we plan to make important decisions about how we will run our chapter. If you wish to join FNB Tokyo, please attend.