21 Mar 2019

March 29 Food Not Bombs Tokyo Literature Table!

Food Not Bombs is organizing a literature table on 2019.3.29 (Fri), at Shinjuku Central Park Koenmae, near Tochomae station. The event preparation will start at 19:30, and we expect the event to start at 20:15.

A map of Shinjuku Central Park from parks.prfj.or.jp, with a red circle on the street between Rainbow Bridge and Park North Pedestrain Bridge. The red circle says HERE next to it, as it is where we will meet. This place is known as the Shinjuku Chuo Koenmae, and is close to the Tochomae station on the Oedo line.

On the day of the event, we will start preparation at 19:30. We expect the event to start at 20:15.

We will be sharing literature; there will be zines, pamphlets, flyers, books, and essays free for everyone to read. The theme of the event will be the Japan-American occupation and exploitation of Ryukyuan land for military expansion. However we will be sharing a variety of reading material that we find interesting. If you would like to contribute/suggest literature, volunteer, or find out other ways you can help with this event, please contact us via social media or email.

If you would like to view updates on our event planning in real time, consult our issue tracker.