10 Feb 2019

Building Networks of Solidarity

We are starting a Food Not Bombs chapter here in Tokyo. Food Not Bombs is an international grassroots collective started in May 24, 1980.

Our purpose is to address the needs of our community, and build powerful networks of solidarity and mutual aid.

Here are the principles of our chapter:

  • The food we share is always vegan and free to everyone, without restriction, rich or poor, stoned or sober;
  • We have no formal leaders or headquarters, and make decisions using the consensus process;
  • Our activism is intersectional, and must be inclusive of marginalized individuals and groups.
  • We are dedicated to nonviolent direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence.


  • Our dedication to intersectionality and nonviolence also extends to non-human animals. No amount of social normalization should cause us to deviate from our principles.
  • Our adherence to nonviolence is strategic. We believe that activism is more sustainable if it focuses on systems rather than individuals. As such, we refrain from inflicting harm on individuals (which is our definition of violence). We respect a diversity of tactics.

Here is what we plan to accomplish this year:

  • Set up regular meetings and establish the consensus model;
  • Create outreach material;
  • Contact local food co-ops and similar organizations;
  • Start sharing food with local soup kitchens and shelters;
  • Share food, resources, and information/literature visibly and regularly.

To join us, you can:

  • Attend our meetings in person;
  • Join our discussions on Keybase;
  • Receive updates of our events via RSS, Email, Mastodon, or Twitter;
  • Help complete our tasks;
  • Spread the word and share our events with your friends!